I got some youtube LPer with 11k Followers on Twitter, following me ?

Can anyone tell me who youtube “Randy.Recon.HD " is ??? (put the dots there so it won’t show up in tags )

I’, just so confused OTL

Anonymous said:
But... but i love moths D:

I’m scared of any big insect IRL ;;;

Like I have huge Arachnophobia and get panic attacks even looking at pictures or gifs of spiders

for moths well

On pictures they are cute yes, but IRL they terrify me when they fly past my ear or smth ;;;;;


The Mad King will find you.

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It’s incredibe how as soon as school is officially over I can sort of draw again-

I mean I almost finished most of my commissions and then I drew this:

This is probably the ost adorable thing I have drawn in ages-


also when I was in town I managed to street pass 6 new people form 3 different regions in Germany ;w;

Also according to my DS I’ve walked like 9000 steps to town and back OTL

tbh I’m so fed up with this website and their “white people” posts.

Holy shit have you all realised that basically most of europe is populated by white people ???

Jesus christ.

I hate posts like

  • white person:how do you say my name in your language??
  • me:pendejo

Because that’s jsut ??? I’m sorry that I’m german and my name sounds really different in French or Russian or Swedish ???? Like ??? wtf dude ?? what does curiosity have to do with “fuck white people they are so annoying ?”

I just… this post above is the prime example of the “american sj stupidity” how I like to call it. (Note: I don’t mind social justice but this is just so so so dumb and I’m assuming this comes from an american, I’m sorry if it doesn’t. Because to me it sounds like a North american (white person) asking a south american (Poc?) person how their name is pronounced in their language (which probaby is a version of portuguese or spanish) and ???? )

I’m sorry but here in Europe this is just common curiosity because, you know, learning about different languages and their pronounciations etc is interesting maybe ?????

I’m just so annoyed.

And then tags such as #tru, #stopwhiteppl2k14

Seriously? SERIOUSLY ?

That’s just dumb ?????

This website is going downt he drain and I’m sorry for posting this here but it’s just so very annoying.


Time for the giveaway I promised! So. Hetalia stationaries! There will be two winners who will get a notebook, a set of four bookmarks, two pencils, and two erasers (click images to enlarge) picked at random each.

  • Reblog away but please don’t clog other people’s dashboards.
  • Likes count too.
  • You don’t need to be following me to join.
  • For more information on these stationeries click here: eraser, bookmark, pencil, notebook.
  • Ends 29th July 2014, 3pm GMT.
  • I’ll be messaging the two winners at midnight Tokyo time so please have your ask box open.
  • The winners will have only 24 hours to reply before I look for another winner.
  • I ship internationally so you’re going to have to be comfortable with giving me your full name and home address.
  • Yes, you may participate even if you’re 10, as long as your parents know about this.
  • These stationeries can be bought at any Animate stores in Japan.
  • 日本在住の方はヘタリアのグッズが手に入ることができますので、ご参加はご遠慮ください。

I’m not sure how well this giveaway is going to go but do feel free to send me a message if you’re unsure about anything.





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