I’ll just try to sleep.

need to be up in 2.5 hours.

I really do’t feelw ell right now.

I hate anxiety. I hate that I feel so nauseaous and I hate that it keeps me up all night „,;;;only because of a stupid phone call ;;;;

Anonymous said:
Listen. Not everyone with psychosis is a murderer. Implying that someone is a murderer because they have a mental illness that doesn't automatically make someone more violent is pretty ableist. Especially for one reason: These "psycho" characters are supposed to be scary. They are one of the reasons why people with mental illness are shunned. It implies that mentally ill people are "Scary". It's like writing a black, african cannibal tribe, wich is mega racist.

I knew that first sentence ;;;

It’s just that I thought people would be smart enough by now to know that only because a murderer who has some disorders that ppl with the same disorders AREN’T automatically murderers too???  



I hope I don’t sound rude or anything ;;; but;;;; can you please explain to me why you think it’s ableist? I’d love to be able to understand why QAQ 

no you dont sound rude omg 

it’s ableist because it’s implying that people with mental disorders are stranger, that all of them are murderous people, and it puts off a stigma that neurodivergent people cant be trusted. It’s kind of gross and i’m bad at explaining it but thats sort of why it’s ableist ? im really bad at explaining things im sor

That’s the first time I see it like this tbh?? Whenever I saw characters protrayed as murderous people I never thought about it implying that tbh ;A; 

And tbh I think it’s a bit dumb of people to think that only because some character is murderous, that all people with mental illnesses are like that :///

Anonymous said:
Hey there! Let me explain. Calling someone psychotic is implying that a person has a mental illness and that is ableist. You know, psychosis?

But if it’s for fictional characters and they are set in an Alternate Universe where maybe that character DOES HAVE a mental illness? 

And there is a difference between writing a character as “psycho” or as “murderer” ;;;;;  


those portrayals of characters where they make the character into a murderer is so ableist and … gross especially when they call them “”psychotic![insert character here]”“ 

I hope I don’t sound rude or anything ;;; but;;;; can you please explain to me why you think it’s ableist? I’d love to be able to understand why QAQ 


"so what do you see yourself doing in the future?"


fu cinkg hell ::::::

i’ma lmos t cer taain my laptop broke t o the poin t wher e i Cn ät do anxzhing about t an d I’m jsut so sad about t i and it just hit me a lot ;;;;;;;

Holy shit I just walked into the local store and right in front of me an older man starts to slow down and fall to the floor, twitching??? And I started to panic, never really learned what to do in these situations. So basically all I could do was trying to talk to him but he didn’t respond and calling an ambulance ;;;

but holy shit ;;;;;;

i hope i did well ;;;;